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    $ 26.19$ 32.42

    The FCS II system connects three crucial surfing components—the surfer, the surfboard, and the fins—seamlessly to perform at the greatest level.
    With the new FCS II Essential Series fins, you may now quickly install and remove your fins without the use of screws or other equipment.

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    FCS II Compatibility Kit

    $ 12.97

    To fill the gap between the front tab of the original (dual tab) FCS fin and the front of the FCS II plug front slot.


    $ 6.48

    There are two colors for the FCS Leash Plug: white and black.
    It has a capped design that enables installation either “pre-lamination” or “post-glazing.”

    Sold individually.
    It has a 1″ diameter and a 1/2″ height.

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    FCS Longboard Screw and Plate

    $ 3.24

    FCS key compatible screw for Longboard boxes.


    • Longboard screw and plate to secure longboard centre fin into box.


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    FCS Moulded steel keys

    $ 3.24

    FCS compatible fin key for FCS related products.

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    Surf Aid Charity Leash String

    $ 1.62

    FCS Strings for Charity is an initiative created for the sole purpose of supporting Surfaid International, with 100% of the profits going directly to the cause.


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    Wax Comb & Fin Key Combo

    $ 6.49

    CREATURES Wax Comb & Fin Key Combo

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