Mickey Rat 6’1″

Mickey Rat 6’1″

Length : 6'1"
Volume : N/A
Fin Setup : Thruster
Type : Shortboard
Board code : 1045


Dimensions 6'1" x 19" x 2 7/6"

Starting at $20 per day


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This agreement is entered between Surf Shop Maldives Partnership and the RENTEE named above hereinafter referred to as the "LESSEE", for the purpose of renting surfing gear and its related accessories.

Where the LESSEE agrees that:
  • The rented items are in good condition and that he/she has examined the items to ensure that it is free from damage.
  • To use the rented items with good care and responsibility and to store and maintain the rented items in a safe place away from direct sunlight during the rented period.
  • To bear the cost of lost or damaged items as stated in this from, due any cause within the rental period with due consideration to the normal wear and tear.
  • To store the rented items at the Airport’s Baggage Store Service, where LESEE fails to meet our representative to return the rented items by the end of the rental period. And to inform us about this by contacting +960 7797202 or by e-mailing info@surfinmaldives.com
The LESSEE represents and warrants that he/she has read this entire Rental agreement and fully understands all terms and conditions of the rental and is freely and voluntarily signing, agreeing to and entering into this rental agreement.
  • Don’t Leave Your Surfboard in the Sun
  • Surfboards exposed to the sun for long periods of time begin to fade and yellow. If your board gets too much intense, direct sunlight it will cause the board to overheat and delaminate. It can also cause the outer layer of the board and fiberglass to become weak and crack.
  • If Your Surfboard Gets Dinged
  • If a ding has cracked the outer layer of your board, then your board will no longer be watertight and we wouldn’t recommend you to surf on it, since it will soak up the foam inside and worsen the situation. If you wish to repair the ding by yourself, it is important to ensure that the board has dried-out sufficiently before you repair it. Use a suitable resin for the board construction type. Use the correct repair kit to repair your board, otherwise you could end up doing more damage than good. Do not use polyester resin on an epoxy surfboard. However, epoxy resin can be used in both types. If you do not have a repair kit, use duct tape to seal the ding or crack as a temporary measure.
  • Foam Surfboards
  • Foam / Foamie Surfboards are usually made from high density, closed cell foam with a slick surlyn base. As they are usually made from closed cell foam, they don’t take on water quickly. Use only foam surfboard repair kits for foamies. Do not use bodyboard or PU repair kits as these can melt and damage the internal foam of the board. Epoxy resin can be used, but will dry out leaving rough edges. We recommend patching the board with surfboard wax and then you can get back to surfing right away.
  • Store Your Surfboard Properly
  • Store your surfboard on a surfboard rack with soft padding or a flat surface where it won’t get stepped-on, knocked over, away from heat sources such as fireplaces & radiators, out of direct sunlight and secured properly from strong winds.

Surfboard with Fins, Leash & Boardbag/Sock.

  • If this board is lost or snapped, a fine of $350 will apply
  • Lost board bag: $80

  • Lost leash: $50 (if snapped, bring both ends back then you don't have to pay)

  • Lost fin: $100
  • Small ding (dent or hole): $20

  • Big ding (main crease, damaged finbox, hole >10cm): $50 per ding

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