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Welcome to the Surfers Shop!

Have you ever dreamed about riding waves?
Do you consider yourself a hard-core surfer, a soul surfer or a weekend warrior?

Are you a tourist visiting the Maldives who wants to surf and has it been a hassle to fly down with your own surfboards?

Have you dinged your surfboard, or simply forgotten something in your quiver?

If so, you have stumbled upon the right place.


Surf Shop Maldives is the one stop shop for all your surfboard and surf hardware needs.Feel right at home when you come into the store, where our friendly staff can assist in choosing the right gear for your surfing ability and give valuable information about surfing in the Maldives.

If you take surfing seriously, there’s only one place to drop in .

Surf Shop Maldives
- surfers helping surfers. Since 2014 -

Inside Surf shop Maldives

Surfboards for rent

From $22 per day
From $25 per day
From $25 per day
From $30 per day
From $30 per day
From $20 per day
From $30 per day
From $30 per day
From $35 per day
From $25 per day
From $35 per day
From $20 per day


Broken Board?

Surf Shop Maldives offers ding repair service on both polyester & epoxy surfboards & SUPs.

We can fix any type of ding, de-lamination, hole, snap, crease, fin/leash plug replacements, nose jobs, etc..   using the highest quality material & tools available in the market that are specifically designed to build/fix surfboards…

Looking for a surf trip?

Check out our day trips & holiday packages

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