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  • ICON

    $ 27.24$ 41.83

    Inspired by Creatures beginnings of no-nonsense, straight forward products that work. Our Icon Leash is designed for small to medium waves.


  • RELIANCE Longboard Ankle

    $ 55.45$ 60.31

    Lightweight Longboard Ankle Leash for small to medium waves. A new generation of reliability for all-round surf conditions, this 9-10ft leash will have you covered from the local beachie to the slightly more demanding reef setups.


  • RELIANCE Longboard Knee

    $ 60.31

    Regular Longboard Knee Leash for medium to large waves or a longer board. A new generation of reliability, this 9-10ft leash will have you covered for those days when a little more length is required — the perfect leash for all-around surf conditions.



    $ 50.58$ 55.45

    Regular Leash for medium-sized waves and all-around conditions. A new generation of reliability in a 7mm cord Pro leash is perfect as a go-to leash ready to tackle a broad range of conditions.



    $ 58.36$ 64.85

    Strong Leash for large waves. A new generation of reliability made for serious surf conditions. The REEF leashes have an 8mm cord covering you from a REEF 6 in heavy slabbing waves with shortboard up to a REEF 9 for deep water conditions when a slightly longer board is needed.



    The Creatures of Leisure SUPERLITE Comp 6 leash, which was designed with special materials for a “no leash feel,” is the thinnest, coziest leash in the world.
    With the help of cutting-edge technology and materials, the SUPERLITE leash combines dependable Creatures of Leisure parts.


    $ 58.36

    The SUPERLITE leash is the lightest, most comfortable leash in the world specifically developed with premium materials for a ‘no leash feel’. Lightweight leash for medium waves.


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